RF-MMIC-PCB Design and Advanced PCB Products by LNAFIN Oy


LNAFIN Oy offers Research & Design services and products for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Prototypes and RF-design.
We are motivated to find the best solutions for our customers. Extensive experience and good products help us in this.

LNAFIN Oy RF and MIxed Signal PCB layout design in 3D.

More specificially we offer:

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout Design. (PADS, kiCad, Eagle, OrCad).
  • MMIC Design.
  • Many types of Electronics Development (R&D) services
  • While MMIC design is extremely high-frequency, we value RF and Microwave design challenges as well. It is important to understand that every application has its own challenges.
  • We have developed our electromagnetic simulation (EM) based modeling expertise during our RF and MMIC design projects. Therefore we are pleased to make 2.5D/3D modeling and evaluation of customer designs. Furthermore, we have a realistic view on the merits and pitfalls of EM-simulation tools used.
  • Electronics Integration (smaller footprint parts, ASIC Design).
  • Printed Circuit Boards (proto & series).
  • PCB assembly – PCBA (proto & series, paste stencils).
  • Wirebonding special components to PCB.


RF-MMIC design and test tools.
LNAFIN blog pages include postings about our RF and MMIC designs and other development services. We have categorized posts to help reading. These include categories for Q-band Wideband LNA for Ground Segment and for Technical Articles. The picture above shows some of our RF-MMIC-PCB research with vector-network-analyzer (VNA) measurements shown leftmost. Furthermore, rest of the small images show: logos of our CAD tools, some 4-layer circuit boards with a paste stencil, one MMIC chip photo and finally rightnmost a 3D matlab analysis image. The matlab image uses 3D-space so as to demonstrate the effect that IQ-signaling amplitude and phase errors have on the image-rejection ratio (IRR). Published design data is either from our own R&D projects, or it has been included with customer permission.

LNAFIN Oy References

We have realized fully functional circuit boards both for high current and for FPGA processor boards. Therefore, we can show on our www-blog describes an example case of 484-lead Xilinx FPGA-circuit routing. LNAFIN Oy is also a supplier for the European Space Agency (ESA).LNAFIN Oy is a supplier for the ESA.
Our motto: friendly service, best price-quality ratio and 100% confidentiality.